Read the Testimonials of satisfied customers... Click here!

Read the Testimonials of satisfied customers... Click here!

Read the Testimonials of satisfied customers... Click here!


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Committed to Customers

The best customer service doesn’t come from any single principle or practice,
but from a set of attitudes.

By Ben Thomas | 6.29.2012

When it comes to building a successful company, satisfied customers are the single most important component. That’s why business owners pour millions of dollars every year into better understanding and pleasing their clients.

As part of our Top 50 program, Pool & Spa News commissioned a third-party company, Atlanta-based GuildQuality, to perform customer-service surveys for all entrants who wished to participate. The firm, which specializes in contractors, contacted former clients of the builders who had opted in, and asked their impressions of each company’s expertise, customer service and professionalism.

The results were interesting. While the highest-scoring firm, Adams Pool Solutions, is located in Northern California, seven of the top 10 were in the South. This over-representation of one region speaks highly of old-fashioned Southern hospitality. Also interesting was the fact that there was no discernible relationship between high customer-service scores and the size of a given business or its years in operation.

The reason for this is clear when speaking with these company owners. Rather than discussing complex formulas, many of them cited simple, traditional techniques as the secrets behind great service. For example, one element listed as crucial to success was a willingness to pick up the phone and talk. E-mail and texting are great for quick communication, many say, but there’s just no substitute for a phone call — or, better yet, an in-person visit.

And it’s in tense negotiations that this willingness to communicate becomes most important. It doesn’t take any special commitment to be friendly to a delightful customer, but a caring mind-set toward difficult clients can help not only to diffuse volatile situations, but also enhance a company’s reputation in unexpected ways.

Here, Pool & Spa News speaks with the companies that ranked highest in GuildQuality’s customer-service survey.



Tony Adams
Adams Pool Solutions


It all comes down to communication. I have one number on my business card: my cell number. I’ll give it to any customer I meet, and I answer my phone. I answer it Saturday, Sunday — even if I’m in another country. Just answer your phone; it’s as simple as that.

We try to call our customers every day [and] our only policy is, make yourself available. All our employees have cell phones, and we tell them, “If it rings, we expect you to answer it.” That solves 90 percent of the problems.

We send out surveys for every renovation project — we don’t need to do it for new construction because we’re talking with the client everyday. But we send those surveys out with the bill and the thank-you letter, and it covers everything from sales to scheduling to construction and so on. If we get a negative response, we call.

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